2Simply Bugs Burgers
2burger buns Ø 10 cm
4teaspoons herbal yoghurt sauce
5lettuce leaves
4tomato slices
4slices of pickles
4tsp cocktail sauce

ad libitum

little red cabbage finely chopped, little arugula 50g Onion

Herbal yoghurt sauce

100gGreek yoghurt
10gsliced onion
5gparsley cut
3gchopped chives
salt, pepper

Here’s How It’s Done

Heat Simply Bugs Burger at medium heat 3-4 minutes in the pan on both sides or sear on the grill.
Halve the burger buns and fry as desired.

Top Burger buns with Simply Bugs Burger, sauces, lettuce leaves, tomatoes, pickles and to your liking with red cabbage, arugula salad and Onion.
Serve immediately.


Instead of the herb-yoghurt sauce, you can also use a mild, spreadable herb cream cheese.